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Every day, 65 people in Australia die with chronic kidney disease. It is a highly undiagnosed condition; most are tragically unaware they are affected until it's too late!

In fact, 90% of kidney function can be lost without experiencing any symptoms.

People at risk of developing kidney disease include those who have diabetes, high blood pressure or have had a heart attack, to name a few.

As the peak body for people living with kidney disease and their families and carers, we provide advocacy, support services, education and information to help save and improve the listing of people living with kidney disease.

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Kidney Kids and Youth programs

Kidney disease affects people young and old. Living with kidney disease can be particularly hard for kids as they often experience feelings of loneliness, self-esteem issues, and the ability to be a kid.

Our children’s programs help build kids confidence and self-esteem through a series of fun peer-networking activities while laughing and creating new friendships.

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Big Red Kidney Bus

Dialysis--where the blood is extracted and cleaned--can be required up to three or four times a week, and takes hours and hours at a time, which makes going on holiday’s incredibly difficult. Our Big Red Kidney Bus provides a mobile haemodialysis service, allowing those who require haemodialysis the chance to have a holiday whilst still receiving treatment.

The buses travel to popular holiday destinations across Victoria and NSW, where they are located for up to six weeks at a time, staffed by experienced dialysis nurses and renal technicians.

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Transplant Houses

Providing rural and regional kidney transplant patients with secure, comfortable quality accommodation where they can rest and recover from surgery or undergo dialysis training and education.

Our Kidney Transplant Houses offer the opportunity to keep families together, while easing their financial and emotional burden.

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