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Kidney Kids and Youth

The rally has been a long term supporter of the Kidney Kids and Youth programs. These programs have included the annual Kidney Kids Camp which is focused on kids aged 8-17 years and the Kidney Kids Capers.

Kidney Health Australia is committed to growing our Kidney Kids and Youth Program, including more regular activities throughout the year for the 8-17-year-old kids and young adults.

We are currently developing a Youth Program. This much-needed program will focus on providing support for the estimated 700 young people aged 15 - 24 years, living with advanced kidney disease in Australia, who are going through the difficult transition from paediatric care to adult clinical health settings.

Children with Chronic Kidney Disease or kidney failure face many physical, emotional and psychological challenges, which can include:

  • interpersonal relationship problems
  • feelings of social isolation
  • behaviour and learning problems
  • delayed language skills development
  • delayed motor skills development
  • a negative self-image

The Kidney Kar Rally helps support Kidney Kids and their families, sign up today. 

Our Kidney Kids say thank you for helping to make the Kidney Kids Camp possible!

Meet Tahlia

“The best thing about Kidney Kids Camp is you’re not worried about feeling terrible, you can just get out there and be yourself”

Meet the incredibly courageous Tahlia, who lives with kidney disease. Tahlia and her siblings attended Kidney Kids Camp, thanks to fundraising through the Kidney Kar Rally.

Tahlia originally received a kidney donation from her grandma, however that kidney has stopped functioning as it should, so she is now on dialysis. Tahlia and her family share about what kidney disease is like for all the family, and the effect on the camp on their lives.