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The 2019 Rally Route

The Kidney Kar Rally participants will be embarking on the adventure of a lifetime on Friday 9 August when they will start their journey from Port Macquarie to Armidale via the Capricorn Coast.  They will be joined by special guests along the way including Supercar Champion, Chaz Mostert. Find out exactly when and where the iconic kars of the Rally will be stopping and what they’ll be getting up to below.

Kidney Kar Rally Eve - Friday 9 August

Dinner: Port Macquarie Racecourse, evening dinner for the Rallytives

Buckle up as the participants for this year’s Kidney Kar Rally descend on Port Macquarie. The Rally will officially kick off with a welcome dinner at the Port Macquarie Racecourse featuring special guest, Supercar Champion Chaz Mostert who will be sharing some last-minute driving tips and tricks. We will also be joined by Mia, a ‘Kidney Kid’ who attends the annual Kidney Kids Camp, which Rally supports, to share her story of living with kidney disease and the impact the Kidney Kids Camp has on her.  Lastly, the top 15 fundraisers will be announced and awarded not only a trophy but the top starting positions.

Day 1  – Saturday, 10 August 

Morning: Port Macquarie, 8 am, Kidney Kar Rally starts 

The rally will kick off at 8 am with the top fundraisers leading the way. Supercar Champion, Chaz Mostert will get behind the wheel with the Kidney Kar Rally sponsor, Biante Model Cars.

Lunchtime: Walcha, NSW 

The first stop will be at the Walcha Memorial Club from 1:30 pm for a quick feed and a great chance to support small community clubs.

Dinner and o/n: Uralla, NSW

The Rally will arrive in Uralla from 4 pm with the participants heading to the Uralla ‘Bowlo’ Club for the evening where the winners of the first leg of the Rally will be announced.

Day 2  – Sunday 11 August

Morning: Urulla, the rally begins at 7 am

Our Rallytives will start the next leg of the Rally at 7 am travelling via dusty back roads towards the Narrabri RSL for a pit stop from 11 am.

Lunchtime: Narrabri, NSW

The cars rev their engines again at 12 pm and cross the border into Queensland heading to the Goondiwindi Jolly Swagman Motor Inn for the night.

Dinner and o/n: Goondiwindi, QLD

The winners for the second leg of the Rally will be announced as the Rally starts to heat up.

Day 3 – Monday 12 August

Morning: Goondiwindi - Rally begins at 7 am 

As everyone else will be feeling the ‘Monday Blues’, the Kidney Kar Rally participants will be gearing up at 7 am for another day of adventure.

Lunchtime: Dalby, QLD

The first stop of the day will be at the Dalby Leagues Club at 11.30 am for a chance to show off their kars and get some grub.

Dinner and o/n: Miles, QLD

They will continue the Rally at 12:30 pm towards the Miles Leichhardt Centre for a score update and a good night’s rest.

Day 4 – Tuesday 13 August

Morning: Miles, the rally begins at 8 am

Halfway through their adventure, our Rallytives will be looking to make up for any misadventures to get the top spot! Leaving Miles at 8 am, the first stop of the day will be at Moura State School.

Lunchtime: Moura, QLD

The Rally will fire up their engines at 1:30 pm to continue to the peak of their journey, Rockhampton.

Dinner: Rockhampton, QLD

The Rallytives stop at Rocky for a special dinner at the Rockhampton Leagues Club where former Kidney Kid, Chelsey Bury, will share her experiences living with kidney disease and what coming back to the Kidney Kids Camp as a volunteer meant to her. The winners of this leg of the Rally will be announced as the participants continue to the second half of the Rally.

Day 5  – Wednesday 14 August


Rest day! Both the kars and the participants will break for some R&R and some potential repairs.

Dinner: Rockhampton, QLD

Yee-ha! Get your cameras ready for the Kidney Kar Rally Country Hoedown at a secret location. Our Rallytives spare no expense when it comes to fancy dress so keep an eye out on social media for some crazy costumes.


Day 6 – Thursday 15 August

Morning: Rockhampton, rally kicks off at 8 am

After their night of line dancing and boot scooting, the Rally will continue at 8 am from The Rockhampton Leagues Club Car Park.

Lunchtime: Monto, QLD

The kars head to Monto State School for some lunch and reset the batteries.  

Dinner: Gayndah, QLD

In a nod to this year’s theme, ‘big kids helping little kids’ participants will enjoy an evening at hosted by the Gayndah Scout Group at the Gayndah Showground from 7:30 pm onwards. With only two days left of rallying, the latest scores will be revealed for teams to strategise on their last moves for the Rally.

Day 7 – Friday 16 August

Morning: Gayndah, rally kicks off at 8:30 am 

Now in the final stages of the Rally, the participants will be stepping it up to top gear to take out winner of this year’s Kidney Kar Rally. Starting at 8:30 am, our Rallytives will head to Jandowae Exchange Hotel for their rest stop.

Lunchtime: Jandowae, QLD

The kars will be parked outside the Jandowae Exchange Hotel for the town to take a gander at while our Rallytives have lunch before their next drive.

Dinner: Toowoomba, QLD

The Rally heads to Toowoomba Concordia Lutheran College for an evening meal and rest before the final day of the Rally.

Day 8 - Saturday 17 August

Morning: Toowoomba, rally kicks off at 7:30 am from the Concordia Lutheran College

Feelings will be bittersweet at the participants gear up at 7:30 am for their last day of the Kidney Kar Rally.

Lunchtime: Tenterfield, NSW

The Rally will be supporting the local community stopping at the Tenterfield Bowling Club for lunch before heading to their final stop at the Armidale Bowls Club where the winners of this year’s Rally will be announced.

Dinner: Armidale, NSW

Everyone heads home!

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